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Weekly Club

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At our weekly club, we provide military-style fun and laser tag for kids aged 7 and up. We offer lessons about the great outdoors alongside:

  • bush-craft

  • first aid

  • teamwork

  • self-respect

  • map reading and orienteering

  • fitness

  • anti-bullying

  • access to our obstacle course

...and so much more! 

The club runs on Tuesdays (17:30 - 19:00) every week, all year round except for 3 weeks when we close for Christmas and the New Year. Each evening consists of 30 minutes of fitness, 30 minutes of learning new skills and 30 minutes of laser tag.

For new members, your first evening session is completely FREE (participant must fill out Customer information Form on site). Pricing plans are as follows:



Sign up via direct debit form

Grants the member access to one evening session every week at the Special Ops MK club site at Great Linford Primary School.



Please contact us for sibling member prices. At Special Ops MK, we believe that you should get what you pay for, so if you miss an evening session, feel free to make it up by attending both nights in a different week.

So what are you waiting for? Leave behind the games console and give it a go!

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